Dear Sponsor/Captain,


The time to register your team for the 2016-2017 season is approaching.  For all the teams that have supported our league in the past, it will be a pleasure to have you back-and thank you.  If you are a new team welcome to the QCEDL family-it will be great having you on board.


For your convenience there will be (4) registration dates spread out over (2) locations:

            Tuesday           Aug 23rd                    7-9PM              Columbia Social Club

            Thursday         Aug 25th                     7-9PM              Columbia Social Club

Columbia Social Club is located at 3529 Almond St. Phila, PA 19134

            Saturday          Aug 27th                       1-3PM              Oxley Post 133

            Sunday            Aug 28th                       1-3PM              Oxley Post 133

Oxley Post is located at 4637 Decatur St. Phila, PA 19136 (right at Rhawn and Torresdale).


At registration you need:

  1. Registration form (enclosed)-this form must be filled out neatly and completely. Incomplete or illegible forms will not be accepted.****

  2.  Sponsor fee-$170.00 for first team     $155.00 each for all additional teams.

  3. Player dues-the dues are $45.00 per player. $20.00 of this is required at registration.  The balance of $25.00 will need to be paid off at the pick-up meeting.

****New Rule for Team Roster****

Teams are now allowed to add up to 12 players. But any team adding more than 10 players must request a special waiver form from the league. This form must be read and signed by all players. This is to assure each player will be aware this could limit their amount of games.

Note: On dart night the team is still limited to 10 players. Full details of this rule can be found on the homepage of the league website, and will be explained further at the pickup meeting.


Captains/Pickup meetings will be held at Columbia Social Club. 7:45PM

            Tuesday Sept. 13th (only for Tuesday night teams)

            Thursday Sept. 15th (only for Thursday night teams)

7-745PM will be for taking care of all money owed.  This will continue after the meeting as well.

Meeting will start at 7:45 PM.  At least 1 representative from your team (preferably the Captain) must be in attendance by 7:45PM.All members are welcome.  Packets will not be handed out until after the meeting and all monies are settled. 


League play will start on Tuesday Sept. 20th and Thursday Sept.22nd


Please do not hesitate to contact the league with any questions or concerns.


Rick Arcangel

QCEDL President  


NEW RULE: You will be able to add up to 12 players on your roster. If you plan to do this you must get a special waiver form from the league by email. This form must be read and signed by all players if you go over 10. This is to inform them that games may/will be limited.

Very important note on this: you will still be limited to 10 players per dart night. So if you have 12 on your roster and all show up at a match--only 10 can play!!!











2016/2017 Dart Season is approaching:

If you are looking to join an existing dart team, put your own team together, put a new team in your bar, move your team to a different bar, or if you just have questions about this League, or any other League, please either call us at (267) 225-7230 or email us at  and we will do our best to hook you up with the correct person(s), or you can find us on Facebook.   






















PRESIDENT - Rick Arcangel, VICE PRESIDENT - Ray Wolf


BOARD MEMBERS - Joe "Big Daddy" Curran, Mark Whited, John "Popi" Rafa, Cathy "Jazz" Jasinski,  and Mike McCarthy


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 WARNING. This League has By-Laws along with Rules & Regulations, which have been in effect since 1975 and which are updated and amended on a regular basis in order to ensure that this league is run in a professional, legal and fun manner. Each and every member of the league can download these documents at any time. The Rules & Regulations are also provided to the Captains at the beginning of each season. This league has well over 1,000 members and we rely on the honesty of each and every one of you to abide by these Rules. We will not tolerate any form of dishonesty or cheating and we will impose harsh penalties.  

We offer special thanks to John Holland - QCEDL Archives Chairman, for his efforts to research and compile these lists of Past Mr. & Ms. Philly Winners and Past Hall of Fame Inductees.

Click on the links below to view the lists.

 List of past Mr Philly Winners     List of past Ms Philly Winners     QCEDL Hall of Fame Inductees List         


Your ideas and suggestions are  very important to us.  If you have a comment, idea, or suggestion you would like to share, please click on this Suggestion Form link, fill out the document, save it, and email it back as an attachment to us at phillyqcedl@gmail.comAll suggestions will be reviewed, discussed and voted on by the board.