Although we were able to successfully start the first half of our season, Philadelphia has, once again, hit us with a new Covid Mandate, which will again delay the start date for the second half of the League.

So, we have scheduled a meeting for Thursday, December 30, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at Columbia Social Club. We are requesting that all Captains and/or Co-Captains be present. If neither can attend, please make sure somebody from your team is present. For the Captains, we are requesting that you get a record of how many of your teammates are vaccinated or not. We do not need the specifics, i.e. who is or is not, just the amounts.

We will also extend this invitation to the owners, managers, etc. of all of the venues in the League.

Please do not leave your thoughts or comments here, bring them to the meeting.

Pass this along to your fellow captains, co-captains, venue owners and managers.

Thank you