It seems that we continue to fall into a rut regarding the turning in of score sheets, so we are going to make it easier.

For this half that we are in, all points will be taken away.

For the second half and in the future, within 48 hours from the time you shoot your match, you now must turn in either the original sheet, in our home mailbox or, for the Oxley teams – there is a box for you to leave them in at the hall, OR an emailed PDF version only. No more photos. If this is not done, you will get penalty points, no exceptions. If you or someone on your team cannot send them in via PDF, you have 48 hours to get it to us. Also, if you do not write the names of both bars on your sheets, it will be rejected. This is not a hard task to ask. If we do not personally know you, it takes a bit to find out who you are and correct your sheets. Hopefully soon we will have the ability to simply upload your sheets to the site but until then, please help us help you have a great season.

Thank you.